Reversible Cushions

//  Reversible cushion

Design: Bent Hansen Studio

Are you looking for cushions that add great seat comfort to your designer chairs? Then our reversible cushions are the answer.

The cushions have a 30 mm cold foam core and are available for a large variety of chairs, including Wegner’s Wishbone Chair and PP68.

Reversible cushion with leather or fabric on both front and back.

Available with/without 4 buttons or 4 button stitches.

Available for a wide selection of chairs. Click here to see if your chair is on the list.

1 piece: 0,5 kg
width: 48 cm, height: 3,5 cm, length: 40 cm.
0,01 m3
20 pieces: 11 kg
width: 48 cm, height: 49 cm, length: 60 cm.
0,12 m3

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You will be surprised how much a bit of upholstery will upgrade the experience of your chair. Looks might attract your attention, but comfort will make you fall in love.