//  Inverse

Design: Steffensen & Würtz

The table’s delicate table top and legs contrast with the experience of heaviness, stability and durability that hits you when you feel the quality of the material.

Inverse is designed by the recognized Danish design duo Steffensen & Würtz who elegantly manages to form a bridge between the table’s paper thin profile and the heavy weight of solid steel.

Inverse is available in two variants, each being each other’s inverted twin. Both variants are available in two sizes – in total four different coffee tables.

Lounge table

Inverse Small V1/V2
H: 38,6 cm
Diameter: 50,6 cm

Inverse Medium V1/V2
H: 45,8 cm
Diameter: 50,6 cm

Small V1, Small V2, Medium V1, Medium V2

Black texture-coated steel

Black texture-coated steel

Inverse small:
1 piece 13 kg
width: 54 cm, height: 44 cm, length: 54 cm
0,13 m3
Inverse medium:
1 piece 14 kg
width: 54 cm, height: 51 cm, length: 54 cm
0,15 m3

Playfull geometrics in sharp profile

”We found the inspiration for Inverse in bridges with sharply defined arches. The curve between the table legs and the table top frames your view and reveals interesting geometrics depending on the spectator’s point of view.”

- Steffensen & Würtz