Pado 2

//  Pado 2

Design: Bent Hansen Studio

The slim outside of the modular sofa, Pado 2, makes it appear light, and the discrete legs that lift the base from the floor give the sofa an almost weightless look. Furthermore the legs add an exciting, graphical detail to the sofa, which make it perform equally well with its back rest up against the wall as a free-standing sofa in the middle of the room. Choose among three different module sizes and put your sofa together so it satisfies your needs.

Modular sofa

3 different modules with/without arm rest and/or back rest

Firm foam seat with cotton fibre top

Black powder-coated steel

Available in fabric or leather

Pado 2 miljø produktside

An elegant lounge sofa

Pado 2 is a ‘sister’ to the couch Pado 1. Unlike Pado 1’s cozy appearance, Pado 2 has a more rigorous look. The back cushions are wide and firm, and the seat is tightly upholstered to give the sofa a classic simplicity that fits perfectly into a Nordic interior design.