//  Pado 1

Design: Bent Hansen Studio

The modular sofa, Pado 1, is both slender and cosy at the same time. The thin back and arm rests give the sofa a sleek profile that contrasts with the sofa’s wide, inviting seat and big soft back cushions. Move the cushions around as you please and make yourself comfortable; no matter whether you are sitting, lying or snuggling in the sofa corner.

Modular sofa

3 different modules with/without arm rest and/or back rest

Firm foam seat with down-filled top

Black powder-coated steel or stainless steel

Available in fabric or leather


An elegant lounge sofa

Pado 1 is an elegant lounge sofa. The sleek outside makes it appear light, and the discreet legs, which lift the base from the floor, give the sofa an almost weightless look.